On reflection I cant quite decipher why I am unable of coming up with a normal title and sticking to it. Lets stick with UPDATES…a bit dramatic maybe but now that I have you here …

Hey all. 

I have just finished my last lecture from this first week. I’m tired, excited, urm anxious, confused …let me explain.


So entering second year I looked at my timetable and my oh my I could have collapsed at the sight. Most of my days except Wednesdays are 9-5 with a one hour break. So having had four months of doing nothing…well a less structured routine…it was hard getting back into the swing of things! However it is possible I assure you.


Again sitting in my lecture day dreaming a bit I found myself realising the importance of my first year lectures. Lucky me! I attended them all and therefore had a vague idea of what was going on. But also what excited me was stuff I came across at GCSE and A level also got mentioned 😀 *happydays*

I have also been meeting so many people. People I recently met through my university society, family members I hadn’t seen in YEARS, reuniting with my flatmates from last year and coursemates the list goes on. Even tonight I will be having dinner with a few friends. I guess it seems like there is a positive correlation between increasing workload and social demands…I’m excited to see what the future holds!


Will I cope! Oh wait …I actually have to cope 😛 The great thing about Aston is the support is wonderful. I for have amazing friends and coursemates for whom I am eternally grateful. In the face of anxiety about workload, anxiety about time management we have support in the library, in the students union which really does help.


Life is like that isn’t it! As a student its the thought of what should I be doing and when should I be doing it. To be honest the future is uncertain. We often make plans but as was said in Of mice and Men ” the best laid schemes of man often go askew”. So yeah I know what I want to be doing and when…whether or not that will happen is totally out of my control. As someone who has grown up with faith and religion I guess I’m going to sit back and what happens happens for a reason. But what is within my control e.g. revision, making time for friends, eating healthy, visiting family back home…I will do.

So this weekend is to just chill and lay back. I think the song below describes how I’m hoping it will be this weekend. Enjoy! 


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