The Little Turtle :)






Maybe the ideal blog would be an insight into the greatest thing about uni and what it teaches you but maybe we can save that for another day.

Sooo… amidst the seemingly daunting aspect of eternal loneliness, inability to make  new friends, exams that mean you wont sleep at all, getting lost on your first day of lectures, even knowing what exactly a lecture will be …
To me university opens doors and creates a new mind-set of challenge adventure, growth, learning to love, to have fun, to try out new things, speak to people who on a day to day basis you wouldn’t speak to, go for a walk without map… excited to see what exactly is out there, what food, smells and potentially awkward encounters await LOL! 😛

So I guess maybe this first blog is a little introduction into my world and my experience, and the impact my first year has had on me. I can say that as I write this, university taught me to be a bit open. I guess you could call me the turtle that emerged from its nice… cosy…safe and sheltered shell, to a world that …wasn’t so bad, scary…maybe big but all the more exciting.

I was and maybe I still am, a little bit of an introvert but I can surely say maybe this turtle Is slowly starting to emerge from the shell and thats not really a bad thing!

Before coming I was advised to aim high and keep going to me Aston Uni is BEST UNI EVERRRR!
Lesson 1 on life at Aston : Don’t be shy to step out and try new things!



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