So its crazy because right now right this minute I feel I have so much to do, and guess what life can get like that sometimes, CRAZY, MANIC and maybe borderline overwhelming or so it seems.

Saw this on the Uni days website #RyanGosling #WOW #dontentirelyagree
Saw this on the Uni days website #RyanGosling #WOW #dontentirelyagree

During my first year at uni I was always so stressed trying to manage time and stressing more about that than doing what was needed, attending lecture making time to go to society meetings, going home, and church and food shopping and yet this year i have more stuff to do and I have felt I have coped much better than last. So the aim of this blog is just to REASSURE YOU that it can be done, and the less time we spend worrying on what needs to be done the more time we have to do those things as well as have times for ourselves to just kick back!



2) Prioritise what needs doing and when 

3) JUST DO IT (as nike says) 

4) Attend those society meetings and thrive getting to know other people than those you met on your course and sit next to every day and message when you need help with that assignment etc

5) Make time for YOU! its really important to cook/ order in, to eat and just give your body some much needed love. this can be through going to the gym, reading a book, watching a funny movie, give yourself a dose of some loving! It really will help perfect all other elements of life.

and also 

6)REVISE maybe this should be higher up on the list of priorities but then again you cant really focus on work if your mind is too busy worried about other stuff and you are unhappy and unfed! 


But hope you all have a great week, and maybe this all seems obvious but hey make sure you do it!