Thinking Out Loud Thursday

Its genuinely been a while, and its crazy because I really miss writing and blogging and typing words to hopefully generate an article that someone somewhere out there will read! lol

So this thursday, as the title suggests we are thinking out loud, and my thoughts right now are FOOD. Food is like a social currency ! The ideal opportunity to meet with friends, go on a date, catch up with family, meet totally random strangers and smile over the mutual enjoyment as you grab the chilli sauces in Nandos!
I am not crazy! Simple ways to do this include

1) Cooking at home and inviting friends, or whoever!

2) Going out; local places in Birmingham include

  • Nandos’ : The ultimate chicken place
  • Brindley Place: So many elegant restaurants, spoilt for choice!
  • Jimmy Spices: World buffer with lots of food
  • Ming Moon: wonderful Chinese buffet
  • Five guys : Recently opened 😉
  • Dolce : AMAZING waffle place just across from uni
  • BTP: They do a sensational hot chocolate and not too far from campus
  • Cafe Nero: They have wonderful looking cakes and an interesting christmas drink variety!
  • Home is where: This a wonderful quirky cafe which serve an amazing Falafel and oreo milkshake
  • Tinseltown star city: As you can tell I like rich foods
  • Wagamama
  • Jamies Italian!

These are just a handful of the places to eat that I would recommend you try in Birmingham, there are so many more, why I chose these, virtually every Aston student can get to them, can afford them, and honestly…

they were the first to pop to mind. Will fill you in with more ideas as my repertoire of food places increases! Happy new year Blog readers! See you soon!