Aston aspires and what it brought

Just thought to do a quick post following a very eye opening week that is now coming to an end! This week has been Aston aspires week where people have the chance to take time out the scheduled lectures. For many it was a time to catch up on work, for many it was a time to go home, but here’s my personal experience of the whole week.

1) A time of reflection
As an MPharm student I attended some lectures related to my course, one of which was about opportunities post registration, it was insightful as it made me think about the future and actually whether there is a life after my degree. For many pharmacists especially in my year we are thinking of where we want to do pre reg, both in terms of sector, and employers, and area etc. Which I will talk about more in another blog, however it was really exciting to appreciate that opportunities can sometimes not be blindingly obvious and researching into what the degree has for you when you have a few moments is actually quite worth it. So thank you Aston Aspires week

2) A time for completion
Even with the best of intentions it can actually be really hard to always stay on top of work, aspires week has been a time for me to attend lectures and guest talks and workshops at my leisure, however it has been a time where i can get home at the end of the day, and actually feel really motivated to go to the library and catch up on work. This helps me feel like i am actually on track and do some past paper questions and read some articles to supplement my learning and track my progress! Very much needed.

3) A time to be taken outside of the “comfort zone”
Today, as a student ambassador I worked with some young primary school children. The reason i mention this is because actually they asked some questions that made me stop and think. we all know i’m now in my third year of university but actually having been at Aston for so long I often lost sight and never thought about some of the questions I’ve been asked today!

-How many stairs does Aston actually have? they moaned a lot about how we took the second floor, such that they had innovative ideas such as creating hover-chairs, which personally I wouldn’t mind given my lectures are all on the 6th floor!

-How many windows does Aston University have?
-How many bricks did it take to build Aston?
-How many gadgets does Aston have in total? (where do I even begin?)

even simple things as what do i enjoy most about Aston, my favourite subject, how i felt on the first day being a student amidst 12,000 ish others.

intelligence knowledge question quotes

Maybe I should round off, but I just thought it would be nice to write a short piece on how useful this week has been, exploring career opportunities, thinking about summer placements, working with young people, catching up with work!