De-stressing during exams!

Exam season is upon us and I’m sure a few of us will be frantically counting down the days until the next one. However one thing I have realised as a student is the importance of getting the work life balance to be just right. Creating time to revise as well as time to unwind. I found that for me, taking time to unwind allows me to assimilate the information I have just read, have time to ensure I am well fed and regain my strength.
Why not try some of the things below? Or whatever else you may want to do!

1) Go to a nice cafe/ bar for an hour or so! Across the road from Aston is a wonderful little place for all my fellow waffle lovers, called Dolce!

#dolce #waffle #relax

2) Go for a walk. Having lived on campus last year I realised I am in the heart of a vibrant thriving city! Explore it, walk along its canals, see it at night when its empty and looks marvelous with the lights.

#birmingham #is #beautiful
#birmingham #is #beautiful

3) Watch a movie … popcorn, chocolate, blueberries whatever tickles your fancy

Movie Smile animated GIF
#MJ #Studybreak

4) Cook

5) Clean. This can be surprisingly therapeutic

6) Phone home and just chat!

Whatever happens, whatever you fancy doing, make sure you have the time to do it. Different things work for different people but maybe a few of the above might help you unwind during this stressful time.

Wise time management.

Work hard.

Take time off and don’t burn out!