A week in the life of a 2nd Year Pharmacy Student @AstonUniversity

So this is by far going to be the biggest blog challenge that I have done! I have written blogs about time management, society etc but this will really test IF I can practice what I preach! I hope you have fun reading it and enjoy exclusive access into what the next 5 days are like lets just say there will be lot happening! Its spring, and aston is buzzing at this time of year with us having had Fairtrade fortnight,Student Union elections, now AUCU events week!

Spring @Aston, Footie Pitch, Beautiful Flowers
Spring @Aston, Footie Pitch, Beautiful Flowers

Aim: Give an insight of what being a 2nd year Pharmacy Student at Uni looks like

Potential Challenges: Time, dedication, effort, procrastination

Potential lessons: Organisation,dedication, time management, working hard and playing hard, how to live life outside the “COMFORT ZONE” , how to work as part of a team to reach out onto Aston campus.


Day 1:

Deserted campus, breakfast in the MLK, Lab coat and resource, flyer for society evening event

8am: Wake up for Prayer and breakfast with the guys from AUCU( Aston Uni Christian Union)

10am: Microbiology practical session total 3 hours long.

1pm: 45 minute lunch…what to eat.. settled for sandwiches at the lunch bar arranged by the team @AUCU

2pm : Another 3 hour practical #dispensing #pharmacist #BNF #getsetgo!

5pm : day over, time to refuel before another event.

7pm: back on campus for society event called dial a donut: where the aim is to encourage people to text in a question about faith or religion and we take a free donut to them with an answer.

11pm: Back home get prepared for tomorrow!




Green campus! Aston lake in spring, society purple hoodies
Green campus! Aston lake in spring, society purple hoodies

Day 2:

8am: On campus

9am: 2 hour lecture: Pharmacology on the endocrine system. One of my favourite as its really interesting to work out and think logically about how it works within the body, what can go wrong etc.

12pm: Lunch, sort out stuff for the hospital placement thursday e.g. directions, clothing, print of certificates.

5:30- Preparation for the QUIZ NIGHT again arranged by the AUCU exec, with incredible prizes e.g. 2 course meals at Ask Italia, Coffee and Cake at BTP all free!

7:30- Off to celebrate a friends birthday #heels #dressingup. So we went to an authentic Indian restaurant, let our hair down to celebrate my friends 20th.


Aston campus view is just wow, lunch bar, outdoor open air concert, bus pass #livingoffcampus
Aston campus view is just wow, lunch bar, outdoor open air concert, bus pass #livingoffcampus

Day 3

8am : on campus and having breakfast with friends.

10: 3 hour lecture set starts and head over to lecture

1pm: Lunch bar number two, helping with set up and directing people to the venue.

3pm: Go to collect speaker near Fiveways, which is near Broad street ready for the outdoor concert in the open space at Aston by the lake!  Cute fact: Aston has a lake in the shape of a heart which symbolises that we are in the heart of Birmingham city!

6pm; Outdoor open air concert start, its incredible to see my friends and members I met through society events performing and singing and playing. It really shows uni is the place that can bring us all out of our shells, that offers the opportunity to have fun doing what you love, and STUDY!!

9pm: Heading home, we have packed up and had an incredible evening. Reading some directed study online as Aston’s library has the e-book system ready for tomorrow!


2015-03-14_08.27.45Day 4: 

Sadly no lie in for me #pharmacystudentlife

7:30 Leave home and get going to Birmingham city hospital ready for my first hospital placement

8:30 Arrived and now to kill time as this starts at 9:30

1pm: placement finished, grabbing a subway then heading back to Leicester for the night to see the family.

2pm: Back in Leicester, catching up on some deadlines for the professional development optional module and doing the assessed care plan related to my hospital visit today.

I made an interesting observation on my way to placement today! Birmingham is beautiful, the hussle and bussle of people rushing to work, the wonderful tall buildings, the rich smell of costa coffee around the business district today was really refreshing. #Birminghamlove #wow


Aerial view of an overcast aston, Student union set up, Concert!!

Day 5:

So its friday and the last day of the week but potentially the busiest. usually I have a workshop but not this week. I have one hour in lecture for kinetics, which is actually a pretty cool part of the formulations module.

12pm: arrive back in Birmingham

1pm: Head over to the last lunch bar event that my society has arranged as part of this outreach week to spread some love on campus.

3-4pm: Lecture on Kinetics

4-5pm: Flyer for an incredible concert we arranged with a band coming in especially and guest speakers and performers from other societies including GIFT.

5pm: Go to the students union an help set up

5:30pm : Decided to get some subway as I was a little peckish. Yes Aston does have an on campus subway! I changed my order from the usual steak and cheese too Chicken and Bacon #Feelingadventurous

7pm: Concert time, Free Dominos pizza for our society! Wonderful end to a wonderful week seeing acts such as Johnny Lucas, Divine Impact performing live check out the link below!

12:00am: Finally back home. The week is over, finishing off this blog, not really tired so I decided to iron lol…which is strange!


I guess in summary, this week has involved lectures, practicals, hospital placements, and society events as I am the Vice President 2014/15 for Aston Christian union as well as being an Aston second year MPharm student as well as being an Aston student Ambassador. I have had a genuinely incredible week, it has been busy however I would not change a thing. I have learnt so much, and tried out so many new things, for example Akbars Indian restaurant which I totally recommend, and treated myself to Subway more that TWICE in a week. Each student is different and thats what makes life exciting. This has been on week of many weeks I have spent at uni, and I guess the reason I shared it with you was to try and show that the possibilities are endless, uni is what you make it, as is time! I am always told these will be the best years of my life so again I plan on working hard and also investing in many other things that I possibly would not do on a day to day basis.