Student Guide to Aston Part II

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One thing that bugged me this time last year was …why was I starting so late…it seemed as if by mid September most of my friends had packed, said their goodbyes and were off to start the new and exciting life that came with university.
I envisioned my closest friends living it up and couldn’t wait to be exchanging stories and other stuff.
And yet one thing uni teaches you is with new experiences and settling time seems to fly such that the people you once help dear and spoke to endlessly became people that got the odd text at holidays..but hey thats a conscious choice!


So part 2 will be talking about the moving in details! Its common that first years would live in Halls *squeals with excitement*. At Aston we call it the student village! Its the most close nit warm and homely place ever.
I lived in James Watt last year which is one of the four bits that make up Astons student village, I was met and welcomed by people from other flats as well as my own. My flat and I would often go to the common room which is where I got to meet one of my closest friends and he is AWESOME. Aston accommodation is perfect because they have tolleys and a friendly face to help move your stuff from car to room.
They have Aston aunties who encourage you to socialise and ensure everything is okay, so really any anxiety and nerves about living need not be there because even if you forget toilet roll there is a Tesco on campus for ease and convenience!


To be honest I went with the flow of what was going on in my first week. I know for the first day after I had said my hello’s I felt the need to explore. I remember walking around Birmingham allowing myself the opportunity to potentially get lost but being taken aback by the size, the smells. the volume of people all around! Take it as it comes, dont be afraid of anything go out, socialise that week is perfect to realise and take in the new environment and let go of any anxieties and insecurities because is the perfect place for anyone and you will never be out of place!


This year I am VP for one of the societies, keep an eye out if you are there 😉 So I will be arranging events such as the acoustic night with my society which I am SUPER EXCITED about. I bought a new guitar with the hope of being able to sing and play !
Societies come in all shapes and sizes, at Aston we have something around 100 societies each of which is unique and has different personalities that meet to share a common interest. It is more than okay and I would advice to join more that one, to attend the meetings or events when you can and get to know more people #networking. For some you do pay others you can try before you buy! But either way I recall the hive of activity on Freshers sunday and signing up to so many societies which is where I found a large number of my friends!


I guess I like to keep things short and sweet 🙂 the aim will be to look at courses lectures seminars and what all these foreign words potentially mean when you start of Uni!
But I think day one and week one are awesome to redefine yourself of maybe rediscover yourself. Its an opportunity to explore unchartered territory and Aston for me offered the right environment the right feel…#TeamAston!!

Student Guide to Aston Part I

2014-06-12 12.09.34As I write this I want to be fully confident and articulate myself with the wisdom that comes from nineteen years of being on planet earth and blah blah blah.
And yet I realise I genuinely don’t know much and have so much to learn yet! I have in my possession a years worth of pharmaceutical knowledge. I study pharmacy …
A years worth of living away from home…about to add another ..
A years worth of beautiful memories

Ladies and gents I am excited to welcome you to my student guide to Aston. My little Gem of Birmingham, and my second home. Aston university is nestled right in the centre of Birmingham which is a live and thriving city I will discuss in a few blogs to come.

Convenience at your door

One thing Aston has is the perfect location and the perfect size and the perfect student atmosphere. Aston is that place that has it all at your door step. The high end fashion shops are only a few minutes walk away, places to get your groceries …also a few minutes walk away. The ideal venues to go out on a friday night are also a few minutes walk away…what more could one ask for. Astons location omits the stress of having to get buses to go and have a good time or to go and do the weekly shop. I always found myself heading to the city centre for some retail therapy not because I was stressed but simply because I could…its that close!


 Aston has this unique feel I cant really explain, but I have felt its absence during the summer holidays. I can recall the 8:50 rush as we all made our way to lecture, the 12:00 wave of people exchanging between lectures and lunch, the 9:00pm laughter as we all prepared to go out on a friday…or whatever other day of the week when there was a student event 😛 . I think the atmosphere is neither threatening nor intimidating in fact its welcoing and warm! You will never feel out of place.


Aston is home to people from many walks of life. I once watched this project where it showed that we all wear different shoes, some old, some new, some comfortable some not, some colour…some not. Regardless of this…each pair of shoes shows that we are all different. we have walked and come from different paths, and yet we are a single united community. Thats what I love about Aston. So many shoes, so many stories, and yet a single thriving community.


I guess maybe in the next we will explore the day one experience, societies and other random stuff including my course, but maybe the take away message for today from would be I really enjoyed coming to Aston. Some would say its small but they say the best things come in the smallest of packages and thats what makes me love Aston that little bit more 😉